one of the many irritation things said by confused young white guys who wear a baseball cap with a basketball jersey every day
word life my nigga big ups respect DOGGG!
by Normal Morman August 29, 2010
Said in response to something that person 2 is in agreement with.
Person 1: Check out my pimp new ride
Person 2: Aw Word LIFE!
by iactuallyowngod September 16, 2004
It's just basic thuganomics!
I'm about to show you I can whoop a run from me like you run from El Nino...WORD LIFE!
by jason May 11, 2003
created by the bull steve stabler. meanin damn straight or just plain jawn right
steve stabler is the man. word life
by mc falafall October 15, 2006
The life of words. Often associated with thuganomics.
Regardless of which crazy nigga invented it, John Cena owns him, so he owns Word Life.
by Evil Zak September 25, 2003
as of or pertaining to basic thuganomics and it's applied principles.
'Logic' packed a pipe full of seeds. After inhaling a disgusting hit, Carrington slapped 'Logic' and said "Bitch, pack some bud in that motherfucker...Word Life...Basic Thuganomics."
by The JZA & The RZA August 26, 2004
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