See, here's how the shit goes. Worcester is in the middle MA, There are 52 elementary schools (Tatnuck sucks), 4 middle schools (Sullivan, East, Burncoat, and Forest Grove The first 3 kick Forest Grove's ass on a daily basis), and 4 high schools (South, Burncoat, North, and Doherty). Though some people don't appriciate Worcester, it kicks more ass than Jet Li, Jakie Chan, and all those other asian dudes combined. Though South is the best, 2 of the best local bands (Bury Your Dead Victory Records and Four Year Strong I Surrender Records) were both from Doherty. Most --If not all-- high school sports games take place at Foley Stadium, which has several ill-legitamit entrances that haven't been fixed in the recent renevations (hallaluja). If you watch these entrances during games you can see people sneaking in.

Is the first city to have 3-deckers
Is known for it's accent (dropping "R"s, droping "g"'s at the ends of words)
Is the city where birth control was invented
Is the city where heppatitus-a mutated into Heppatitus-b
Was a crucial point in the womens'rights movement
Boasts low prices on almost anything (Houses for the price of boston appartments, cronic for $5 a gram according to Cody)
(Though I've only seen them in the tatnuck magnet school yard) is the home of many garbage storms

People that are just passing through Worcester on there way somewhere else and talk shit about worcester while there there ussually don't ussually reach there destination.

One favorite location of Worcester is historic South Community High School. Many people speculate as to the reson for the schools design (Many large concrete rooms pods containing uppwards of 10 classrooms using dividerers as classrooms). Some think that it was built like this so that multiple classes could be taught by a single teacher, others say that it was designed by a hippie from california and that that's how they had built schools in california at the time.
Shane from Silverstien at The Paladium: It's really great to be her in Worster- that's how you pronounce it right- Worster? Worcester, Worchester? Woosta --Woostah--Woostah. Okay then, Woostah.
by P-mo V-mo August 23, 2007
A perfect city, if your definition of perfect is synonymous with shitty.

If Worcester was the target of a nuclear attack, I can't imagine anyone outside of the blast zone actually caring that it was gone.
You've never been to Worcester?! Think of all the depressing shades of gray you could see there!
by Muad'Dib_045 January 02, 2011
Town in South Africa

It is the perfect place to live when you are an awesome person. This is a place with character, something you will not find in oudtshoorn. People there are very much like a Johandré. It is also known for its beautiful mountains, which is covered in snow in the winter. People from all over the world come together in worcester on easter weekend to celebrate. You know your a wocesterian when you call it cdups. This is truely a place of coolness.
I wish I am from worcester
Worcester is the new western cape
by numberonefanche May 31, 2009
Worcester is a mid-sized city in central MA. Worcester is best described as a city that has all the things you don't want in your city(i.e. crime, bad schools, bad roads, filthy industrial areas, numerous liberal arts colleges etc), and none of the things you do want in your city (i.e. nice restaurants, safe parks, culture, a downtown, something to do, etc). If you want to get an idea for what Worcester looks like, drive into a major city. There's a good chance you'll find yourself driving through a run down urban neighborhood that has an alarming number of sketchy looking take out places, far more bars than one would think could stay open and an uncomfortable urge to lock your doors. Imagine an area the size of a city like this. Toss in a dozen or so colleges, a few industrial areas, a couple sketchy parks and a "downtown" consisting of a half-dozen medium sized office buildings and an alarming number of drug dealers. Congrats, you're picturing Worcester.

Now all this doesn't necessarily add up to a bad thing, far from it. Worcester can actually be a wonderful place to live for some people. The key to being happy in Worcester is knowing what's wonderful about it and not minding what kinda sucks about it. If you're the kind of person who loves cheap and dirty apartments, cheap and dirty bars, cheap and dirty restaurants (especially diners, Worcester literally invented them), and cheap and dirty college students, well Worcester is just perfect for you.
"You live in Worcester?! Are you crazy?"

"Why not? There's three good pizza places, two good chinese places, eight bars and thirty seven dorm buildings within walking distance of my dirt cheap apartment."
by puck0130 April 07, 2010
Located in "South Central MA", Worcester is a predominantly blue-collar city that is more than a bit past its prime. Renowned for its abandoned warehouses and "three deckahs," Worcester also boasts 10 colleges and is home to a burgeoning immigrant population.

As far as cities go, it's basically a cultural wasteland...but there is a good music scene there, if you know where to look. A lot of bands from the northeast get there start by playing at Worcester venues, but there aren't many good bands that are actually FROM Worcester.
Come visit the heart of Massachusetts, in beautiful Worcester! (No really, don't bother)
by bridget April 05, 2004
A dumpy city in the middle of Massachusetts that was once a hub of industrial activity and commerce. Now it is the home of shifty characters, rotting three-deckers, and unique garbage storms. Anyone with the money to move out eventually does, unless they are an idiot.
A visitor to Worcester would be ill-advisted to walk down Main Street after dark, unless they are looking for a beating or third-rate prostitute with AIDS.
by K. W. Mahon January 22, 2004
Worcester is called the "Heart of Massachusetts" because its in central MA. Worcester is littered with old factories, warehouses, and three decker houses. Worcester's claim to fame was a cold storage fire that killed 5 firefighters in december of 1999. Some famous people from Worcester include Comedian Denis Leary and activist Abbie Hoffman. Im from worcester and I plan on moving someday. There really are garbage storms too.
Why anyone would move to Worcester is beyond me.
by JPJ January 31, 2004
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