A shithole of a town located near Boston. Full of any shitty race you can think of, the whole town looks like a land fill and the whole place in general is a toilet. If you go to Worcester, your gonna find out where this country is headed: down the shitter.
I took a dump the other day that looked alot like Worcester.
by Shitz January 05, 2008
Worcester is one of the worst cities in Massachusetts.From murders to shootings and mostly stabbings to fights all over the place.Most shootings occur in Canteburry and GBV aka Great Brook Valley.The main places u dont wanna be in worcester is their projects like great brook valley, plummly village, lakside, washington heights, lincoln village, Upland Gardens aka upg, and wellington apartments.Other places to avoid is the whole main south area especially main st. and canteburry and vernon hill where all stabbings occur.And i wouldnt be found in cp aka crystal park at night get ur kuffi blown off.You know up in here aint no tellin what can happen to you.As far as schools go south high is the worst no white people go there just sum,mainly run by hispanics and blacks. The majority of the people in worcester is spanish and black and white.Yo shout out to my E.S.C niggas in worcester they taking over biggest gang in worcester it consist of GOONIES,Y.l.s,roogerz,b.g.,y.f.,fellas, and jooniez they all blood sets yo holla.
If you aint from the hood dont come in worcester.The other day some little fake nigga came we ran him out of worcester.
by Wor- town Warrior May 20, 2007
A fucking dump located in Massachussetts. Referred to by man as WOOSTA. Made famous by Adam Sandler in his hit skit "Toll Booth Willy." Ranked #1 in the top ten most undesirable places to live in the United States.
Sausage 1: Yo let's go to the bean down and drink mad brews.
Sausage 2: Fuck that. Lets go to Callahans in WOOSTA and drink some DOLLAH beers.
by Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN March 03, 2005
A crappy city locatedin central MA. People there think they are hardcore, but they're just a bunch of NYC wannabees. If they are soo tough they can come to Queens,NYC and come kiss my ass! Smells horrible there too
Worcester kids: "Yeah nigga,we so black even tho we white!! Let's go kick some ass!! YEAHHH!!! g-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit! We tuff shit. OH shit!! Its those kids from NYC!!! Fuckin hide son! they fuckin REAL G's!!!"
QNZ kids: You wanna start somethin' fake ass mutha fuckas. Take ya white "crips" and "bloods" and get outta here"
WK's:" Oh geez sirs, we didn't mean to disrespect you! Please take our money and leave, even though we are all poor and our parents make only 10 grand a year! Gee Willikers!!!"
by TheWhiteBoyGfromNYC September 06, 2006

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