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You know you're from Worcester when....

You've say bubbler instead of water fountain.
You live on a "private road" that is unpaved and rutted.
You think of $280,000 as cheap for a house.
Your school classes were canceled because of frozen and burst pipes.
You know how to say Shrewsbury (shoes-bree), Worcester (Wusta), Marlborough (Marl-Bro), Leicester (lester), Leomenster (lemon-ster).
You think nothing of commuting two hours each way to work,
but you think people who drive 30 minutes to get to church are weird.
You think 70 degrees is hot and a perfectly fine time to go to the beach or pool.
You know the holy trinity is Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and, Friendly's. There's at least 2 of the three on any major intersection.
You call sprinkles "jimmys"
You drop your R's towards the end of a sentence.
You can name all the 7 hills of Worcester.
Man from Worcester : "Hey go pahk the cah we'll get some ice cream with jimmy's on top."

by xjessikerx April 25, 2007
The way NOT to spell or pronounce the city of Worcester in Massachusetts....unless you're really stupid.
Band: Helllllooooo WORCHESTER!
Audience: It's fucking pronounced WISTER!
by xjessikerx April 25, 2007

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