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to eat a persons asshole with jelly or syrup. can be prior to or following anal sex.
tony tossed ryans salad, and his girl friend video taped.
by ell January 03, 2004
Worcester UK

One of the most beautiful citys in Britain , Worcester has a lot to offer with the amazing cathedral , many many shops , Lots of restaurants and pubs for all tastes , Nightclubs , Events such as Worcester Festival and the victorian fayre, Worcester has 2 cinema's VUE and Odeon , 3 Bowling Centres - Bowl Xtreme ( The Newest ) Most popular bowling very modern with a dance club etc the other to bowling places are Wickets , and westside both just as good but Bowl xtreme the best.Worcester has to swimming pools - Sansome walk and Lower wick, in the summer holidays sansome walk has a massive infloatable bouncy thing on top of the pool, Malvern Splash - Worcestershire is also a good swimming pool nearby with a massive slide and wave pool. Worcester has many high schools and primary schools to. Also a new college will hold 5,200 students which means Worcester is likely to get more nightclubs for all the ravers out there.

Worcester is also famous for good ol' Worcestershire Sauce the factory Lea and Perrins is based in Worcester and Worcestershire Sauce is now one of the most popular sauce's world wide used in Britain , America , Asia , Australia etc.

Royal Worcester Porcelain is also one of the best china makers in Britain.

Edward Elgar - lived in Worcester and was a VERY famous composer his statue can be found near Worcester Cathedral.

Worcester Bosch is used accross the country to.

Worcester sport is also good with Worcester Rugby Club being in the premiership aswell as Worcestershire County Cricket Club who do very well.

The river severn flows through Worcester and past the fountains what everyone calls them which is at the back of Worcester abbey with nice views across Worcester and nearby the river. Diglis Basin Worcester is in refurbishment with a new hotel , houses , restauraunts and shops coming.

For Fast Food -

Burger King
3 Mcdonalds
1 Pizza Hut

Worcester has many retail sites to around the city which include big stores like:

Pets At Home
Floors 2 Go
Mc Donalds
Pc World


Worcestershire is located in the heart of England, approx 2 hours drive from London and 30 minutes from Birmingham International Airport. There are excellent road links to the M5, M6, M40, M42 and M50. (Look for the brown and white signs which indicate nearby Tourist Attractions.)

Local Popular Attractions:

Severn Valley Railway-Kidderminster - Worcestershire.
West Midlands Safai Park - Bewdley - Worcestershire.

The County Of Worcestershire:

Great Malvern
Malvern Wells
Ashton under Hill
Droitwich Spa
Tenbury Wells
Great Witley
Cleeve Prior
"Let's go to the faithful city , good ol' Worcester"
by Ell March 25, 2005
This word is means something that is very Bishnap , Bishnap is when something is going strange Bish meaning Bitch and nap meaning Nappies you combine the two words to make the amazingly good word Bishnap.
"Walking accross the road"
Person Number 1 : Woah that dude's hat is awesome
Person Number 2 : That is such serious bishnap
by Ell March 25, 2005
Somebody who likes shagging spiders
Which leg is it between?
by Ell February 09, 2004
Noun. Meaning scumbag, loser, tool, asshole, etc.

I made it up myself!
That guy only pretended to like you so he could get head? What a dickpick!
by ell March 05, 2005
noun. slut/whore/transvestite/hoe/prostitute/bitch; commonly used with other words to offend females, transexuals, and some homosexuals.
"Mazin, you are a slorevestitehoestituteitch!"

"Marc, did u see that slorevestitehoestituteitch? She's mad ugly! Damn she is fugly!"
by eLL April 26, 2004
to lick
she tounged me till i nearly blew my load.
by Ell October 27, 2003
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