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To be Worby or feel Worby means that you are confused or just plain sleeping with your eyes open and have no awareness of the world around you until someone says "Do you think he's ok?". Worbyness often occurs after heavy night out binge drinking and/or doing illegal drugs - but then again some people are born with it.
Ian: Alright Dan, I would like you too meet my good friend Alex.
Dan: Hiya mate.
Alex: *stands motionless with eyes open freakishly*
Dan: Ian, is he alright he looks like he's just taken crate's worth of ritalin and disolved it in Horlicks.
Ian: Crap, he's doing it a again. He's always a bit Worby - he was born with it.
Dan: Poor guy.
by Muckle Flugga November 02, 2006

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To actively avoid an argument or confrontation
"If he annoys me agin im just going to Worby"
by Luke Bratch August 06, 2004