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Woping is when you wipe your ass with someone else's hand
Drew wants a boy to wope his ass
by nigga_in_charge November 19, 2009
18 5
the past tense of wipe. Funnier sounding than wiped, and therefore better.
president obama has continually wope his ass with the Constitution.
by boodism November 21, 2011
5 2
Gettin head

(pronounced WOPS)
"What you doing today"

"Nm called up this girl bout to get the wopes"
by Infamouschulo09 October 22, 2009
4 2
1. Non-vulgar equivalent of the F-word, S-word, and D-word.
2. Verbal equivalent for rolling eyes, shaking head, or face-palm in reaction to annoying, abrasive or otherwise unwanted comments and conversation.
3. Disdain for any person, place, thing, or situation.
1. That's some messed up wope.
2. Person A - "Your music taste is stupid, you should listen to more hip-hop and up to date stuff." Person B - "Wope."
3. Person A - "What about meatloaf for dinner, honey?" Person B - "Hmmm. Wope. Let's have fish instead."
by Jukey23 March 13, 2010
1 5
another way to say whoop.
*this was a typo in a phone.
Imma "wope" you in pingpong!
by warrendeezy December 30, 2008
1 11