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Woping is when you wipe your ass with someone else's hand
Drew wants a boy to wope his ass
by nigga_in_charge November 19, 2009
the past tense of wipe. Funnier sounding than wiped, and therefore better.
president obama has continually wope his ass with the Constitution.
by boodism November 21, 2011
Gettin head

(pronounced WOPS)
"What you doing today"

"Nm called up this girl bout to get the wopes"
by Infamouschulo09 October 22, 2009
1. Non-vulgar equivalent of the F-word, S-word, and D-word.
2. Verbal equivalent for rolling eyes, shaking head, or face-palm in reaction to annoying, abrasive or otherwise unwanted comments and conversation.
3. Disdain for any person, place, thing, or situation.
1. That's some messed up wope.
2. Person A - "Your music taste is stupid, you should listen to more hip-hop and up to date stuff." Person B - "Wope."
3. Person A - "What about meatloaf for dinner, honey?" Person B - "Hmmm. Wope. Let's have fish instead."
by Jukey23 March 13, 2010
another way to say whoop.
*this was a typo in a phone.
Imma "wope" you in pingpong!
by warrendeezy December 30, 2008
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