8 definitions by boodism

the act of making an ass of oneself
undertaking foolishness as a matter of course
the occupy wall street people partake in sheer and utter assery

people who drink anything but Busch Heavy undertake acts of assery upon themselves
by boodism November 17, 2011
the past tense of wipe. Funnier sounding than wiped, and therefore better.
president obama has continually wope his ass with the Constitution.
by boodism November 21, 2011
An eye-jam is a staring contest on steroids. Two combatants, usually dom and craig, lock into a dead stare into the depths of each others irises. Winner is determined by the first person to blink, look away or smile. While seeming mundane in its nature, excessive and/or extreme, perhaps even backwards, eye-jams can lead to deterioration of sight, lack of ability to see color, loss of depth perception, low self esteem (if youre dom), extreme gayness (again, if youre dom) and in some worst case scenarios, even paralysis or death.
Dom couldnt eye-jam his way out of a wet paper bag.
by boodism March 25, 2011
murdergun= stronger than a gun with a knife attached to it with a porcupine with aids attached to that...
i will kill you in the face, with a murdergun.. perhaps even with murderbullets
by boodism December 06, 2011
to call for an end to someones tomfoolery or shenanigans
dood, you cannot drink more busch heavy than me.. shut it down
by boodism December 02, 2011
the act of being obnoxious; can be used in a past, present or future sense..
'i obnoxiated the piss out of you all night long last night, didnt i'
'am i obnoxiating you?'
'i am going to obnoxiate the fk out of you all night long, like lionel richie'
by boodism August 08, 2013
Busch beer that is not light, hency it is heavy.
I can't waste my time or liver drinking that light beer crap, give me my Busch Heavy and let me get drunk.

Steve cannot handle such heavyness and therefore drinks "light" beer, or water
by boodism December 07, 2011

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