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When a male is extremely awful at sex/fingering a girl and proceeds to move his dick/fingers in a similar movement to the way a woodpecker pecks at a tree, regardless of the fact that the female is quite obviously not enjoying it.
Girl 1 "So how was sex with jared last night?"

Girl 2 "Do not even ask, he woodpeckered me all night and I felt zero pleasure"
by Pugloverrr February 15, 2015
The act of a high heel shoe being used to assault someone. Using the actual heel of the shoe to strike someone.
In the morning we noticed the imprint of a girl's high heel on our friends forehead. Hence, he got "woodpeckered".

The creepy drunk was following the girls walking with their shoes in-hand. Turning the corner, he noticed the woodpecker that struck him before.
by dab1333 October 25, 2010

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