1.The act or acts of slaying mythical wyrms in the dark realm of chaos and fear.

2.To convey all that is holy in man and turn him into a spineless coward.

3. Ferrets.
I am so thankful he saved our village he is such a Wombles.

That man surely crumbled at the sight of wombles.

by The Harbringer of Noodles. October 26, 2009
Instead of going for a walk and a wonder you can go for a womble. Word used alot in Grimsby.
Hey you guys! Lets go for a Womble on yonder.
by harry godfrey warner October 20, 2008
To rub ones hairy ass on another person
Morgan Wombled Monica Singh Rathores Face when she was Asleep and she woke up with hairs in her teeth.
by MrFrog September 04, 2008
Slang term for the Male Genitalia
Dude, that guy put his womble into the shnooter and it came right off!
by Mister Happy January 20, 2008
a word commonly used to refer to a protestant
that would support the uda
who do you support
the u.d.a
u womble
by hern September 02, 2007
to walk round picking up litter, british military 1970s 80s
1 platoon is to womble over the drill square after first parade
by Military scribe August 16, 2006
to sing very beautifully with a large vibratto
This soprano role needs to be filled by someone who can really womble.
by Blue Devil 08 January 06, 2014
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