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A guy who has had the misfortune to either be born with one testicle, or has had one gonad removed at some point in his life due to illness, accident, surgery or another tragic reason.
It is widely believed that Adolf Hitler himself was someone who possessed a solo bollock. Hence the song: "Hitler has only got one ball; the other is in the Royal Albert Hall . . ."
Matt: Do you fancy coming round to mine tonight, I'm going have a barbeque, seeing as the weather is nice?

Pecket: Sure,sounds good, who else is going to be there?

Matt: Well only Gled so far, but I've yet to ring round everyone else.

Pecket: Hitlers coming?

Matt: Who's Hitler?

Pecket: Gled's called Hitler, cos he only has one bollock!

Matt: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha silly Pecket!
by Monkeymania September 17, 2008
A guy who, for some reason or other, only possesses one testicle or ball as it is sometimes otherwise known as.
Matt: Hello Pecket, did you have a good night last night?

Pecket: Yeah it was proper funny. Womble was sucking on some some ugly girls' jelly tots in the middle of the street, and she had varicose veins all over her jumper puppies

Matt: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha that's funny, but who the hell is Womble?

Pecket: It's Gled.

Matt: But why do you call him Womble?

Pecket: Because he only has one ball- sounds like Womble!

Matt: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha silly Pecket
by Monkeymania September 17, 2008

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