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1) A style of haircut, typically seen as a long, wavy, feminine style, though worn in a way that is masculine and rocker.
2) The name which God uses when walking amongst the mortals on Earth.
1) Did you see that guy? He was totally sporting a Womble.
2) Womble be with us in our time of need.
by Zubeneschemali March 11, 2010
Australian slang term for someone that does something stupid.

can also be used as a nice way to say they are a dickhead, a moron, a tosser or just plain slow.
you bloody womble pick up ya feet and trip over here instead.
steve:-ya Womble! the round peg goes in the round hole not the square one....

Alan:- ha ha sorry mate hit the turps last night

Steve:- George has got to be the biggest womble under the sun.
Alan:- Why?
Steve:- he went fishing the other day, took 2 hours to pack the esky and forgot his rod and tackle.
by RodeoBlue September 17, 2009
a 3 part sex theme/move

1. do the dirty
2. after you're done jizz on a popsicle stick
3. let it freeze and enjoy
dude those two just did a womble!
by lalaland111 July 28, 2009
a word meaning a person that works at westhavens. that makes uggboots for a living. and dates retards
chris horder works at westhavens and he makes uggboots, what a womble!
by looseass November 03, 2008
An insult generally used by out of date chemistry teachers. A womble is more than likely to be intimidated into breaking things by being called this.
You womble!
You stupid womble!
You wombling stupid womble! Look what you wombly did!
by Matress_of_evil January 22, 2005
theatre technician with lazy attitude and dirty mind
what did he do at skl? he was a womble
by nobody cares December 14, 2004
to be fuckin aswsome
Dat nigga pulled a womble and broke his ankles
by Jamal December 04, 2004