to walk round picking up litter, british military 1970s 80s
1 platoon is to womble over the drill square after first parade
by Military scribe August 16, 2006
1) (noun) A hairy rodent.

2) (verb) To shake one's self vigorously.
1) (noun) Z2S likes to eat wombles.

2) (verb) Mewtwo150 wombles.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
Australian slang term for someone that does something stupid.

can also be used as a nice way to say they are a dickhead, a moron, a tosser or just plain slow.
you bloody womble pick up ya feet and trip over here instead.
steve:-ya Womble! the round peg goes in the round hole not the square one....

Alan:- ha ha sorry mate hit the turps last night

Steve:- George has got to be the biggest womble under the sun.
Alan:- Why?
Steve:- he went fishing the other day, took 2 hours to pack the esky and forgot his rod and tackle.
by RodeoBlue September 17, 2009
a 3 part sex theme/move

1. do the dirty
2. after you're done jizz on a popsicle stick
3. let it freeze and enjoy
dude those two just did a womble!
by lalaland111 July 28, 2009
Someone who is really boring, sits on their arse and can't be bothered going out or doing anything interesting
Matt:- "Hey John, wanna go to the pub for a drink and see that awesome band play"?

John:- "Nah - can't be stuffed, besides reruns of Survivor China are on TV"

Matt:- Don't be such a Womble"!
by F Orgotmyline March 01, 2009
a word meaning a person that works at westhavens. that makes uggboots for a living. and dates retards
chris horder works at westhavens and he makes uggboots, what a womble!
by looseass November 03, 2008
A guy who, for some reason or other, only possesses one testicle or ball as it is sometimes otherwise known as.
Matt: Hello Pecket, did you have a good night last night?

Pecket: Yeah it was proper funny. Womble was sucking on some some ugly girls' jelly tots in the middle of the street, and she had varicose veins all over her jumper puppies

Matt: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha that's funny, but who the hell is Womble?

Pecket: It's Gled.

Matt: But why do you call him Womble?

Pecket: Because he only has one ball- sounds like Womble!

Matt: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha silly Pecket
by Monkeymania September 17, 2008
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