The act of farting on someone's dinner. The most effective wombling is done without pants.
Dude! That guy just wombled on my plate!
by Rev. James Thomas September 20, 2008
Top Definition
The act of tackling someone and fisting them at the same time.
I'm going to WOMBLE Sarah for saying I couldn't do this
by Jared Perez March 18, 2008
The act of tackling and fisting someone at the same time.
I'm going to WOMBLE Sarah for saying I couldn't do this.
by Jerry W. P. March 23, 2008
Wombles - The Wombles (an acronym for White Overall Movement Building Liberation through Effective Struggle) are a group of hardcore London Anarchists who wear white overalls to demos.
They crop in the lyrics for The Libertines' song "Time for Heroes".
Did you see the stylish kids in the riot?
Shovelled up like muck and set the night on fire
Wombles bleed, truncheons and shields
You know I cherish you my love.
by Charlesworth March 24, 2006
1. large hairy animal from late 1970's kid's TV show
2. silly person
1. "The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we."
2. "Don't eat that lightbulb, you womble!"
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
Those strange, furry things that Grungey likes
by Lobie April 06, 2003
to sing very beautifully with a large vibratto
This soprano role needs to be filled by someone who can really womble.
by Blue Devil 08 January 06, 2014
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