A Man who is actually in love with a girl, but realizes that the love died out.
Usually it's the girls fault, in her not feeding the love and being selfish in thinking that it is all about her. Most overweight females think this way. This Man has a lot of love to give but soon gets betrayed by the woman, thus moving on to another.
He is such a womanizer, he said he loved me, and didin't do anything for me. What did I do wrong? Hes such an asshole (while stuffing her face with KFC).
by william blakeville May 10, 2009
im a womanizer and a player.its not necessarily a bad thing. i just got a lot of game. im a nice guy who treats you nice but i got other options. other girls i treat just as nice as i would treat you. womanizers are good looking like myself. the best womanizers are european guys like myself. especially eastern european guys. all of those womanizers that treated all you ladies wrong, are not real womanizers,because you guys just have so much anger. thats because you ladies never had a guy like me. i would womanize you and you would still love me and beg at my feet to come back. and im such a nice guy that i would take you back (and womanize you again) ;)
conversation between a womanizer and a lady. for example: if a beautiful and attractive woman like yourself is married and we hit it off with a very nice conversation , and you told me that you were married, i would whisper in your ear . and ask you if you know how to keep a secret?and if she said yes 70 % of those ladies would keep a secret with me.
by european womanizer March 08, 2009
a guy who loves women and chases them, women chase him too, but when he finds one he truly likes he stays true to them. usually a very nice guy, almost perfect you could say.
random girl- he's with like every girl
random girl- true, i think even i like him a little
girl he likes- im with him now, he's great
womanizer- im staying with this one, forget the other ones
by lorelei678 January 28, 2009
Sammy (S-aME)
looks don't matter, as long as your easy.
*men who like whores*--no taste
Being a womanizer is like collecting STD---ya' gatta catch them all!
by Shawnikwa August 21, 2006
A man who makes women his life toying with there emotions to merely procede with intercourse, one way or another, and leave even though this person may have a girl friend or wife. Also possilby EMO. Possibly uses it as an April Fools joke.
Michael Blackburn is a womanizer.
by Evan Hall April 30, 2007
An alias of Bond from The Dark Union in the game WWII - War of Supremacy.
I need to get some Megan nude pics from the womanizer.
by Anonymous April 12, 2004
A man who's got good game, good manners, knows how to ACT like a gentleman, and even seems to have a sweet vulnerable side. He wants to know ALL about you. All to get you in bed. Then he can't wait for you to leave. He will tell you he's been "hurt" by those other women, how he longs for love. He may even appear to be in a real relationship with you, calling regularly and spending time with your family. But all the while he is flirting around town or even on a dating site, lining up other potential others in case he changes his mind about you - or you wise up to the fact that you're just going to be another in a VERY long string of women he has put his penis into. If it seems like he's giving you a line, he is - one that he has used on MANY others before. It keeps working for him, so he's never going to change. And he will die alone and lonely, as all womanizers eventually do.
Sal Lilienthal is just such a womanizer.
by tootrustingnomore February 11, 2012

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