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Sammy (S-aME)
looks don't matter, as long as your easy.
*men who like whores*--no taste
Being a womanizer is like collecting STD---ya' gatta catch them all!
by Shawnikwa August 21, 2006
An alias of Bond from The Dark Union in the game WWII - War of Supremacy.
I need to get some Megan nude pics from the womanizer.
by Anonymous April 12, 2004
A man who makes women his life toying with there emotions to merely procede with intercourse, one way or another, and leave even though this person may have a girl friend or wife. Also possilby EMO. Possibly uses it as an April Fools joke.
Michael Blackburn is a womanizer.
by Evan Hall April 30, 2007
A man who's got good game, good manners, knows how to ACT like a gentleman, and even seems to have a sweet vulnerable side. He wants to know ALL about you. All to get you in bed. Then he can't wait for you to leave. He will tell you he's been "hurt" by those other women, how he longs for love. He may even appear to be in a real relationship with you, calling regularly and spending time with your family. But all the while he is flirting around town or even on a dating site, lining up other potential others in case he changes his mind about you - or you wise up to the fact that you're just going to be another in a VERY long string of women he has put his penis into. If it seems like he's giving you a line, he is - one that he has used on MANY others before. It keeps working for him, so he's never going to change. And he will die alone and lonely, as all womanizers eventually do.
Sal Lilienthal is just such a womanizer.
by tootrustingnomore February 11, 2012
An extremely large penis that converts girls to women, after intercourse.
"Please don't hurt me with your massive womanizer"
by Leo Hungwell December 27, 2003
Senator Fred Thompson
Fred Thompon claims that he supports "family values", but in reality, he is a lecherous womanizer.
by Doug101 September 10, 2007
Clayton Payton
clay's mom says he is a womanizer because he doesn't call the bitches back.
by retr0 March 04, 2004