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A man who always seems to make women fall for him.
Girl 1: I've bare fallen for dat guy
Girl 2: That's nothing new. His a Womanizer.


Guy: Hey sexy. Wanna go out tonight?
Girl: That depends. I heard your a Womanizer.
Guy: You did? (laughs) It comes naturlly.
by Zhané Bailey February 01, 2009
29 91
a guy who loves women and chases them, women chase him too, but when he finds one he truly likes he stays true to them. usually a very nice guy, almost perfect you could say.
random girl- he's with like every girl
random girl- true, i think even i like him a little
girl he likes- im with him now, he's great
womanizer- im staying with this one, forget the other ones
by lorelei678 January 28, 2009
20 82
A womanizer is a person, he she or it, that does it with every woman they or it meets. they are desperate freaks who, in need of a woman, will go for anybody who even resembles a woman
nathan braynock <aka it> and total womanizer
david wright <aka total freak who has a crush on himself> (he also makes out with his reflection everyday in the mirror to boost his confidence) total total total total womanizer
by ikat62 December 08, 2008
16 78
Britney's hot new comeback single along with a sexy video to top it off.
You, you, you are you, you, you are a WOMANIZER WOMANIZER WOMANIZER!
by JUICYBABE October 14, 2008
36 98
A guy that makes a girl fall for him, yet she doesn't know he's doing the same thing with 23904394839483298432984 other girls.
"Austin Winslow is SUCH a womanizer!"
by goldfishinmytea October 02, 2008
48 110
a guy who plays the soft romantic, yet gangsta card, tells you sweet things, makes you think your such a catch...tells you he wants to be with you he's just scared but his heart just says..let's see where the road takes us. Since you won't have sex with him because he ain't makin no type commitment he finds the 1st most retarded reason to cut things off and turns into a monster. Next things you see, some hoochie rubbin her her coochie all up on his shit, grindin desperately at the club. Trick for real!
yea he's an army guy that Jay, but he's a womanizer

oh thats Jay he's a womianizer stay away
by TRIKRITENUK April 17, 2011
13 76
Sammy (S-aME)
looks don't matter, as long as your easy.
*men who like whores*--no taste
Being a womanizer is like collecting STD---ya' gatta catch them all!
by Shawnikwa August 21, 2006
24 111