a man who makes a girl think he likes her when he really just wants sex & has a whooole bunch of otheer women.
by rachel & kristina September 28, 2008
A stupid person thats democratic or in other words,basically any democrat.
"Stewart is such a womanizer."
by the black power ranger March 06, 2007
a guy who gets every girl to like him. a gutless, senseless asshole who treats every girl like theyre the girl for him, then lets them down by having MANY other girls on the side. they are assholes.
harrison warmington(guelph skateboarder) is a womanizer. he enjoys being gutless towards every girl on the face of the earth
by erik_f January 04, 2008
A man that is not necessarily attractive, yet beholds exquisite game.
He reels in several women with his empty promises of love, candlit dinners, and great wit when he's only interested in sex. He is almost always a self-described asshole and feels no remorse when playing with girls emotions. Sometimes these men have so much game that women overlook the fact that they are being played. You can never make a player settle down...well until he gets a taste of his own medicine.
1. Brandon Webster

2. "After he dropped you off, he called Jenny up for a booty call. Look past the game! He's just a womanizer!
by 998877zx December 15, 2008
To pursue women lecherously.
Bill Clinton is a womanizer.
by Womanizer July 01, 2003

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