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im a womanizer and a player.its not necessarily a bad thing. i just got a lot of game. im a nice guy who treats you nice but i got other options. other girls i treat just as nice as i would treat you. womanizers are good looking like myself. the best womanizers are european guys like myself. especially eastern european guys. all of those womanizers that treated all you ladies wrong, are not real womanizers,because you guys just have so much anger. thats because you ladies never had a guy like me. i would womanize you and you would still love me and beg at my feet to come back. and im such a nice guy that i would take you back (and womanize you again) ;)
conversation between a womanizer and a lady. for example: if a beautiful and attractive woman like yourself is married and we hit it off with a very nice conversation , and you told me that you were married, i would whisper in your ear . and ask you if you know how to keep a secret?and if she said yes 70 % of those ladies would keep a secret with me.
by european womanizer March 08, 2009
(Noun) A song by Britney Spears, but is done much better by The All American Rejects.
"Womanizer was on the radio the other day, but have you hear the All American Rejects cover? It's so much better!"
by AARFanatic February 10, 2009
A man who always seems to make women fall for him.
Girl 1: I've bare fallen for dat guy
Girl 2: That's nothing new. His a Womanizer.


Guy: Hey sexy. Wanna go out tonight?
Girl: That depends. I heard your a Womanizer.
Guy: You did? (laughs) It comes naturlly.
by Zhané Bailey February 01, 2009
a guy who loves women and chases them, women chase him too, but when he finds one he truly likes he stays true to them. usually a very nice guy, almost perfect you could say.
random girl- he's with like every girl
random girl- true, i think even i like him a little
girl he likes- im with him now, he's great
womanizer- im staying with this one, forget the other ones
by lorelei678 January 28, 2009
a stupid song made in 2008. More than half the people who listen to it do not even know what "womanizer" means or can spell it.
womanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizer womanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizerwomanizer..............
by Rob Bigus January 24, 2009
1.Britney Spears song
2.Very ugly men who touch hippos
3.A person that has a obsession with crapping in their hand and throwing it at people with "brown" as a last name
1. Your a womanizer
2. People named Jack or Jill
3. *man craps in own hand and throws at miss Suzy Brown* "take that ho!"
"ohh u smell like crap Mr. Crinkle"
by midgetman14 January 18, 2009
A pimp who attracts women,which leads to intercourse cheaply.
"Johnny is such a womanizer,today at the bar. - Jacob

"I wish I was him." - Dane

"Yeah,I know seriously.I want to be a womanizer in the future." - Johnny

"Good luck on that,dick" - Dane
by ScottCalvin December 17, 2008