Chuck Bass...Gossip Girl
"Did you watch Gossip Girl last night?"
"Yeah...Chuck is such a womanizer!"
by legallyblonde9791 October 29, 2008
A man who romances several woman but his intentions are insincere
Renee despises her uncle because he's a womanizer.
by Gerard Irick March 11, 2009
A womanizer is a person, he she or it, that does it with every woman they or it meets. they are desperate freaks who, in need of a woman, will go for anybody who even resembles a woman
nathan braynock <aka it> and total womanizer
david wright <aka total freak who has a crush on himself> (he also makes out with his reflection everyday in the mirror to boost his confidence) total total total total womanizer
by ikat62 December 08, 2008
1. a guy who sleeps with and/or dates a lot of women, usually unbeknownst to potential victims--at least until a certain point.

2. a guy who charms women into thinking he is into them and knowingly or unknowingly breaks their hearts when he is "kinda a thing" with someone (most likely just for fucking) and also fits the first definition.

3. a guy who is even more apt to fit the above definitions when he is in some sort of "relationship" but uses terms such as he is "kinda a thing" with her, and other people say "he has been seeing someone recently," and still remains single on Facebook. This makes it clear that they are not actually "dating" and they are probably just fuck buddies.

See also: player.
He charmed me so I thought he was into me, but then I asked him to a ball and he said he was already going with someone who he was "kinda a thing" with...what a womanizer!

I can't wait until he realizes what he could have had--he still wants to be friends but honestly I don't know...that womanizer. He seems like a good friend but it's possible he is still trying to womanize me.
by britney spears 2.0 October 07, 2012
A male, over the age of 25, who is sexually attracted to many women and has sexual interplay with many of them. He does does not seek to have a commitment to any of them. His personal moral code is that women are for sex and entertainment.
The word does not apply to males younger than 25.
The word may also apply to a lesbian.
Women don't seem to understand that before a man can actaully mean he wants to commit, he should be older than 25 and he should have experienced being a womanizer.
by Sky_walking07 June 21, 2010
A guy who makes multiple girls believe he is in love with them, but just he is really looking for is one of them to get in his pants. The others act as back ups or are there when the others are unavailable to ease his pain.
Matthew Alyn Johnson is a womanizer.
by womanized June 25, 2009
A man who always seems to make women fall for him.
Girl 1: I've bare fallen for dat guy
Girl 2: That's nothing new. His a Womanizer.


Guy: Hey sexy. Wanna go out tonight?
Girl: That depends. I heard your a Womanizer.
Guy: You did? (laughs) It comes naturlly.
by Zhané Bailey February 01, 2009

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