A man who pretends you are his whole world and promises you everything, until you find out about not one, not two, not three, but four other women in his life.He will take you for all you are worth, put you in debt, and expose you to all sorts of diseases. Watch out for him!!
Christopher Robinson is a womanizer. If you don't believe me, 5 other girls can all tell you the same.

Watch out for him ladies... www.myspace.com/djbigc513
by lookinout4u October 21, 2008
This word was made popular by the famous Britney Spears song.
1. A good-looking but disgusting, poor excuse for a male that uses women as disposable objects that are worth nothing more than one night.
2. Someone who deserves to be pushed off the face of the planet by every girl he has ever hurt with his false declarations of fidelity and love.
3. Joshua Harris Portwood
girl 1: OMG! Chris is such a babe! Didn't you two have a date last night?
girl 2: Yeah, but I turned him down after what he did to Ashley, and Sarah, and Kayla, and Melissa, and Jenny, and Taylor, and even Steph. He is such a womanizer!
by Niki_neon March 16, 2009
A pimp who attracts women,which leads to intercourse cheaply.
"Johnny is such a womanizer,today at the bar. - Jacob

"I wish I was him." - Dane

"Yeah,I know seriously.I want to be a womanizer in the future." - Johnny

"Good luck on that,dick" - Dane
by ScottCalvin December 17, 2008
Someone who used to be ugly during their adolescent years, and when they finally to get some plastic surgery to make them handsome and suddenly women are interested in them, they start to have 20-30 girlfriends at a time to make up for lost time. but, in reality they are just waiting for the day where they finally get infected with HIV, and then blame it on the condom company.

See EarlwH from EBR
That womanizer is a walking STDs
by heartBroken3 March 29, 2010
A guy who makes a lot of women think here's in love with them all @ the same time.
"hey baby i love you"
"i love you too"

"I love you boo"
"i love you too jared, im glad you my one and only"


"i love you beautiful"
Other 45 billion girls:
"I love you too jared"

Alexis, Kirstin:
by Angelk!ss101 June 30, 2009
A guy who is constantly pursuing women. ie, a former President from the south who is married to former Sec. of State who was having a hard time defining "is."
A womanizer is a guy who is constantly search for new women to pursue regardless of the situation.
by Mike Hunt Jr February 22, 2013
a guy who plays the soft romantic, yet gangsta card, tells you sweet things, makes you think your such a catch...tells you he wants to be with you he's just scared but his heart just says..let's see where the road takes us. Since you won't have sex with him because he ain't makin no type commitment he finds the 1st most retarded reason to cut things off and turns into a monster. Next things you see, some hoochie rubbin her her coochie all up on his shit, grindin desperately at the club. Trick for real!
yea he's an army guy that Jay, but he's a womanizer

oh thats Jay he's a womianizer stay away
by TRIKRITENUK April 17, 2011

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