A piece of shit Tactical Ops Player.. One who gets pwned by n00bs
n00b killed FATEW0ady with a combatknife
by Assmasta February 17, 2004
Top Definition
Something a female can call her female friends in a way which is similar to the word woes, Beyoncé has used the word woadies in her song "Sorry"
Me and my woadies 'bout to stroll up
- Beyoncé
A type of shoe specifficly designed to kick someone in the dick.
James: Hey Sawyer you got the woadies on?
Sawyer: Yeah man.
James: Kick this nigga in the dick
by Jnasty502 March 11, 2013
Female friends who are not that close.

Mark: Lisa do you wanna go to a party?
Lisa: Sure Mark.
Jenelle: I thought you were going with me?
Lisa: Oh yeah. Sorry Mark i told Jenelle i would go with her. Woadies before Brodies
by RNeezy May 03, 2011
In the south, black men refer to white women as woady. The wordy woady used to describe a white girl is used by Biggie in one of his songs.
dat woady be lookin' fine as hell.
by desaun Jones January 22, 2008
A person or thing that is like crap,

Something that tastes like crap,

Someone you don't like and they treat you like crap
"This toaster is woady"

"Mom, this soup is woady"

"Jessica is such a woady"
by jbl #11 December 15, 2007
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