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When you shoot a wad of paper into a trash can and you miss so you have walk to pick it up and throw it away
Jack: I don't want this paper so... YEET! Crap! I missed! Now gotta take The walk of shame...

Richard: take the walk of shame man...
by Picklefish April 15, 2015
when someone is standing really uncomfortably close to you as to almost be really close to your boobs, or to be oggling them.
i was talkin to this dude and he was all up in my rights
by picklefish July 17, 2003
wussup woadie!!
by picklefish July 17, 2003
A tough (normally white) person from the south. They are hard working and don't kill people or sell drugs for money. They usually have a shotgun of some sort and are not afraid to shoot anybody who comes on their land that look " Odd". Normally of Christain faith and are all straight, if you are gay and Jewish, stay away from us. One last thing, we don't lean back in fights like a sissy we take hits and throw one twice as hard. Now if you will excuse me, I need a beer
Tyrone: Hey man, this Luke guy is gettin on my nerves

Shawty: Hey, be careful mane, Luke's a real Country Boy
by Picklefish September 29, 2015

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