A person who does and says stupid and goofy things
Yo get away from me u wizard
by Mo-Blaze March 15, 2007
one who does not think through or foresee the consequences of an action, with disaterous results.
your sucha wizard.
by dan and ben February 09, 2003
weed that you bought from someone bud you dont get high off of it.

That nigger sold me some of that wizard weed, and i somked 4 bllunts in a row and wasnt high.
okie doke weed
by Patricio EL Burro January 01, 2006
This word is an umbrella term for both urine and faeces for use in semi-polite (metnally ill) company.

1. "to do a wizard"
2. "to have a wizard"
"oh man, i've gotta go for a wizard"

"that last wizard came out all pointy"

"hey dan, how do you fancy doing a wizard on me tonight?"
by Candiclaus February 01, 2009
Lame people that think they have magic powers.
Allie- Wizards are GAY!

Dan- Yeah they are.
by Kathey McMillan July 10, 2008
nickname for military psychologists and psychiatrists, which signifies these individuals‘ seemingly magical ability to make a service member disappear from the military after having diagnosed him or her with a serious mental disorder.
The wizard got that coporal discharged from the marine corps.
by littlegene October 21, 2010
An exclamation of joy, similar to "cool" or "great." Origens are unknown, but it is featured heavily in the book, "Lord of the Flies."
"We can use Piggy's specs to make a fire!"
by Jonathan Nardolilli June 04, 2006
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