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Winter-een-mas is a holiday started by brain frostbite of Tim Buckley's very own Ethan. It was a holiday for everyone to serve him, but fortunately, it has changed from that beginning idea.

Winter-een-mas is a gamer's holiday. The Winter-een-mas season lasts all of January, but the holiday is the last week of January, January 25-31. It emphasizes the companionship of gamers. However, gift-giving is not recommended, as it may ruin the holiday spirit. Small, handmade gifts are quite alright, though.

Celebrate Winter-een-mas by playing videogames with your friends, by wearing interesting gaming clothing/accesories, and especially by writing letters of thanks to those wonderful developers who make the games!
Happy Winter-een-mas! Do you want to play some Halo to celebrate the season?
by John Montgomery January 21, 2004
According to the brilliant guys at,

"Winter-een-mas, in it's essence, is a holiday for gamers. It is a celebration of games and the gamers who play them. Video games allow us to do things, go places, see stuff that we
couldn't do in real life. They can be an escape from reality, a release after a long day, a fun activity with friends, or just an enjoyable way to pass time. They give us a lot of entertainment. So why shouldn't
they be celebrated?

And in the same spirit, gamers themselves are extraordinary people. There are millions of people world-wide that enjoy video games. Some are hardcore fanatics, some are casual gamers. But we are all part of
the same community, and it's a community to be proud of.

The Winter-een-mas season lasts all of January, with the actual holiday lasting seven days, January 25-31."
Happy Winter-een-mas!

What the hell is that?'s a gamer's holiday, and—aaaaagh! {{is pummeled}}
by Margaret Bauer January 17, 2004
This is the name of the gamers holiday which is celbrated from the 25th to the 30th of January. The whole month of January is Wintereenmas time and you should observe the values it embodies. Wintereenmas is a time to sit down with your friends and play some co-op or just lan for a bit. It's a time to brighten the dreary January by gaming. Celebrate glorious Wintereenmas.
"Hey dude, Happy Wintereenmas!"
by CJ Young October 18, 2007
The Winter-een-mas is a holiday for gamers that lasts all of January, with the actual holiday lasting seven days, January 25-31.
Happy Winter-een-mas!
by Frank1337 January 17, 2004
a fictional holiday made up by Ethan, a video game crazed character in the comic "CTRL-ALT-DEL". Wintereenmas is holiday created to celebrate gamers and their interests, led by their king, Ethan.
"Happy wintereenmas dude!"
"you can have my Phat l00tz, Happy wintereenmas!"
by ethan cad November 01, 2007
Wintereenmas is a video gaming holiday that lasts for one week at the end of January. It is so named because, like Cristmas, there is a roughly one-month lead-in throughout the month of January.
Dude, it's Wintereenmas. We gotta go play some Halo 3.
by macraw83 October 31, 2007
Winter-een-mas is a holiday for gamers in between the days of january 25 and 31st this holiday was created by ethan of ctrl-alt-del or CAD the online comic created by Tim Buckley. ethan is the self proclaimed ruler of this holiday
"are you celebrating winter-een-mas"
"yep im goin out to a gamin' tournament"
by Nyrab Swet December 16, 2008
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