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2 definitions by Dwinky

1. The word crazy made into an adverb.
2. Describing the amount of craziness in an area
3. The unit 'Crazy' is measured in.
When you threw that pie the Crazification levels went up!
by Dwinky May 01, 2005
Teh holiday.

A carol:
Tis the season to be gaming
Up down circle square
And Halo 2
Xbox live for you and me
LAN parties snipe me to you
Smiling faces, crushing n00bs
Giveing you heart not material goods!
This is winter-een-mas through and though
Ctrl+Alt+Del will rule the world!
I am going to send Winter-een-mas cards, but not games as we I do not want to destroy the festival with material goods.
by Dwinky January 22, 2005