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A small town in Northwestern Connecticut consiting of the junction of the Mad and Still rivers. Winsted is a great place if you like gas stations, bars, liquor stores, pizza places, churches or living in conditions not fit for humans. Winsted has a high concetration of raggies, drunks, and people who are just plain out of their mind and should probably be living in an institution under close supervision. Common activities in Winsted include driving around your multicolored japanese car with a huge wing and chrome rims, riding your bicycle around and collecting cans, watching the annual pet parade, going to the firemans carnival and getting plastered, getting pregnant during your third freshman year and dropping out of gilbert, and of course getting cocked on miller high life in your crappy main street apartment apartment. Winsted is famous for being the end of divided route 8, having a serious alcohol problem, having someone wrap their entire house in plastic to prevent terrorist attacks, and of course raggies. It commonly referred to as a black hole, because once you are in you never get out.
Damn, look at that raggie, he must be from winsted
I'm from Winchester NOT winsted
by bigben June 05, 2007
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