a computer that works fine. i have it and it never crashes. its awesome. just watch out for BSOD.
I once got a virus but it went away when i got AVG.
To some people, some people say ''windows xp is stupid'', well they should upgrade to Windows 7.
Windows XP user: my computer never crashes.
Mac OS X user: watch out for the BSOD!
Linux user: what he said!
by u2dvdbono September 06, 2010
An OS that was decent from Microsoft in 2001. After years and years go on, you kinda keep Windows XP because you have it. This doesn't apply to those who use those fancy Macs or actually have Windows 7 or above and other shit, I'm not a techie. Anyways, why does XP treat me like a fucking 3 year-old?
In 2001:
" Look at me, my Window XP will suit my needs... of watching porn (WAT!!!)"

In 2013:
" I can update to Windows XP anytime now, wait why am I still in my parents basement???"

In 2025
"Still using Windows XP, *munch munch*

That 3D dog used to be cute a decade ago...
by axodd May 25, 2013
A simple yet complex OS, Microsoft has released on October 25, in year 2001. This OS seems to be a highly bloated system based off of the Windows 2000 Professional counterpart. One thing about the biggest difference is IT'S FISHER PRICE THEME .Once setup with proper drivers for display and Video card Non

Microsoft signed Drivers as of Microsoft's cheap drivers when the graphics are set first. You will experience this Luna (Default Blue) .msstyle is quite hideous. Most people seem to move back to Classic or the the Olive (Green) .msstyle or the Silver. Yet none of them seem, to kick it off right! I prefer Classic or Olive (Green) mmm Greeny!
Dude 1. I got Windows XP
Dude 2. Hm Luna blue Fisher Price theme is yo theme?
Dude 1. Well um Whoa?
Dude 2. Dude you can change the theme to Olive or Silver!
Dude 1 Really? huh show me!
Dude 2. Oh dear lord *shows him Olive and Silver*
Dude 1. Oh ya I like Olive (Green)
Dude 2. Ahh good now both our eyes can feel bit better and not make me wanna puke jelly beans!
by Shadow_Chooses_Olive_Homestead December 30, 2011
A version of Windows, that according to the Windows Pattern should have been terrible but is one of micrsoft's best ever.
Windows 95 - Bad
Windows 98 - Good
Windows ME - very, very bad
Windows 2000 - Good
Windows XP - Also good
Windows Vista bad
Windows 7 - Awesome
Windows 8 - Bad
by Sinfonia69 December 07, 2014
Finally, a fricken OS that stays stable for more than 2 hours. However, the constant 'send error report' shit makes you want to vomit all over your monitor and shit in your hard-drive.
Well, it's better than iMac and Windows ME
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 29, 2003
Another fine Weapon of Mass Annoyance from the Osama Bin Gates terror cell.
Ready to forge an international coalition and call it Operation Infinite Folly: shock and awe Redmond with mass quantities of inconvenient error reports. I want to choke the bastard who thought of that one.
by The Great Cornholio January 05, 2004
A fairly good computer created by Microsoft. Just do defragmentations often, and erase all that porn. "Send error reports" can be annoying. Crashes very little if you keep it clean. Best yet of all computers.
Guy 1: Dude! I just cleaned my XP! It goes a billion times faster now!
by Keijiro H. November 12, 2004
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