A really powerful vacuum cleaner, like a Shop-Vac, or anything else that SUCKS.
by Cornholio August 26, 2003
A highly fake new version of Windows which looks like a cross between a 'dead' and a 'duh' emoticon. Windows XP attempted to be pretty, but actually wasn't, as in the start button appeared curved, but the active area is a rectangle. This is one of Microsoft's more stable OS's, but any normal person sticks it into Classic Mode anyway to get rid of that humungous start menu. Microsoft also changed the size of the icons randomly, making all icons not designed for XP look pixellated and crappy. XP takes up a stupidly high amount of resources and disc space, and "requires" a Pentium 3 processor or higher. Windows XP is essentially worthless without buying several other products. Windows XP changed the scrollbar into something visually intrusive and flashy, which is a shame.

A good feature of Windows XP is the translucent drag-select, rather than the dotted line of previous versions. Windows XP is a popular entry in UrbanDictionary.com.
Noob 1: Whoa, Windows XP is curvy, it must be teh r0x0rs!

{Installs Windows}

Noob 1: Wtf, my Windows doesn't do anything except Notepad and Paint.
by Mucleus June 28, 2005
9 out of 5 experts agree that windows "xp" means :
- windows : please eXPlain
- windows : requires eXPerience
first clueless soul : "whoa! i need an eXPlanation!"
second clueless soul : "I need more eXPerience to use this OS!"
by ian g. June 30, 2004
xp ms way of saying were here to stay by means of compatabilty the lack thare of

xp makes me Xrtra Peed
xp is why e mecheines come with err bags
by tom August 25, 2004
Another piece of sh*t made by microsoft. Who in there right mind would choose this over linux?
Dude, why the hell did u pay for that load of crap?
"I like windows, its easy to use"
by Karl March 14, 2004
A Magic version of Microsoft Windows...
why is it magic!?!
It's blue and green GUI magically zapped up after Apple Computer. launched 'Aqua'

This vesion of Microsoft Windows is user friendly... basically because when it fucks up .. a lot of blue is in your face.

The only way your ever gona get the cunt to work is get 2GHz P4 / 1GB ram and fucking no internet connection what so ever!

As a Windows user for 6years and a Windows XP user for a year and a half.. in all my heart I can say...
"after 2 updates" Mr.X said
"how fucking unsafe was this thing in 2001!?"
by the1bigboy March 22, 2005
See Mac, then replace "mac" with "Windows XP" and "Apple" with "Microsoft".
Dude, wtf would you want to use Windows XP?
by RabidSquirrel March 24, 2003
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