The official name for Microsoft's upcoming version of Microsoft Windows.
"Vista", in Lithuanian, means "chicken".
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg July 24, 2005
A shoddy mock-up of Apple Computer's own Os X.
'Gee golly Bob. I can't wait to get windows vista!'
'They already have that. It's called Macintosh Osx.'
'O rly?'
'Ya rly. now stfu.'
by Reverand Charles Ginn May 23, 2006
A crappy operating system for your computer that slows even the fastest machines, attracts a heck lot of viruses and costs more than the earth. It comes with Windows Activation, that treats honest buyers as criminals. It also has been trying to copy Mac OS X (and failing miserably).
Bill : Hi. I just installed windows vista on my pc and now it won't work beacuse I failed activation.

Steve : I know. Even Windows 95 was better. I still use XP. Kill activation!
by Mah1ma! May 04, 2008
When Microsoft tried to create an operating system as good as Apple's Mac OSX.

Microsoft's interface is pretty much a rip off that doesnt work.

Apple's "widgets" are not the same in Windows, Microsoft did not steal the idea in Vista... They are called "gadgets". Clearly not the same.

Apple's "Expose" and "apple-tab" are not the same as Window's "flip" and "flip 3d" they clearly have different names and look slightly differnt.

Window's new "instant search" is not the same because it is not called "spotlight", like apple. It is important to note that they are on completly different sides of the screen, apple in the top right and windows in the top left. This means they are different.

There are many more reasons that Vista sucks.
"Got Viruses?"
"Yea, on my Windows Vista system, it sucks."
"Get a Mac."
by wassssup? January 16, 2007

so now new PC buyers are forced to use our


operating system.
now i wish i had replaced my old pc before February.

Windows Vista
by sqoc May 27, 2007
The lastest security breach from Microshaft. Windows Vista features a whole heap of junk you didn't want, hidden so well that you can't find it to get rid of it. Also has more holes than a piece of swiss cheese, and possibly the worst GUI in history.

If found on your computer, you should immediately download Linux and install that instead, since it will be infinitely more secure than leaving your computer open to anyone who wants to walk right in and use it :)
Windows Vista: Sucks, blows and chokes itself at the same time.
by Charles E. Faulkner January 24, 2009
To stink, suck, and even cause anger to the point where you want to unleash your wrath upon that particular object/person.
(suicidal thoughts may vary)

Those shoes are windows vista yo, you got to get some new ones
by Mr.Linux March 10, 2008

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