Windows Mass Error. Windows ME is an OS directed towards consumers that was released in 2000. It looks like Windows 2000 on the outside, but on the inside it's full of more bugs than a beehive.
Windows ME user: lol windos me iz teh ro><or
Windows XP user: No it isn't.
Windows ME user: u r rong
Windows XP user: Here, lemme install Windows XP for you.
Windows ME user (now a Windows XP user): Wow, this is a lot better than Windows ME! Now I feel dumb for not upgrading.
by GastonRabbit July 11, 2004
Many Errors. nuff said
the operating system thats more destructive than a virus
by leah March 15, 2005
See "Windows" for the first part of the definition. ME stands for Mangled Edition.
My computer is rendered useless by having Windows ME installed upon it.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
A piece of shit. The worst OS Microsoft has ever put out.
OH SHIT Windows ME blue screened again. Figures!
by Andy September 07, 2004
The old Windows Vista
I just got an upgrade to Vista today after my Windows Me support period ran out.
by ShakeSicle April 20, 2009
The biggest mistake Microsoft ever made...

...apart from letting Bill Gates be born
Blue screen of death, everywhere
by Paul January 24, 2005
A disgrace to the Windows name. It is chock full of errors and glitches.
Win ME user: Uh oh...Windows ME crashed again.
Win XP user: Install Windows XP today!
by Alexi November 12, 2003
An operating system that is worse than Vista.
Person 1: Dude, I fucking hate Vista nothing is compatible with it.

Person 2: At least you don't have Windows ME giving you the BSOD every boot.
by Melnychuker March 10, 2008

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