An operating system that people love to hate. Especially Linux and Mac users love to exaggerate the stability of Windows. They are of course full of bullshit. Windows is user-friendly unlike Linux, and runs most $oftware, unlike Mac OS. I just wish some one would make it open source. Hack Micro$oft!
My installation of Windows XP has functioned since 2001 even though I install programs almost daily.
by apt-get June 21, 2004
very very popular os made by microsoft. i'm giving up on it the minute someone comes up with a fully functional windows emulator for linux that runs all my games and other fun windows stuff. damn thing crashes 2 much.
bill: dude is a hybrid version of wine coming out
pill: idk check the website
bill: dammit i wanna kno. if there is a hybrid wine im ditching windows cos the damn thing crashes 2 much
by unusu-al September 12, 2003
A word not to be SAID inside an asylum. A huge source of frustration in history.
by Delf June 23, 2003
Win - doh! - s (name popularised by frequent system crashes)

An operating system pioneered by Homer Simpson of the popular cartoon sitcom "The Simpson".

Homer has now moved from Springfield and lives in a large earthquake proof mansion on a hill somewhere on the Coast of Northern California.
"Marge come here and look at this pretty blue screen on my Win... Doh!"
by -oo00Rich00oo- June 04, 2003
Dogs crawl under fences programs crawl under windows.
Hold on im still rendering that naked woman on my windows box.
by duh June 03, 2003
arnaudt's best friend (together with Matrix)
Wow, I got Windows longhowwwwn beta 10093762.92736.4718962 M5 build!!!!! I'll go watch the Matwwwwwix again!!!
by Dubya May 31, 2003
A shitty OS that is impossible to run for more than 10 minutes without crashing. Only somewhat good version ever made is 200 0 Pro. Costs too much (even tho linux users can afford it, because most windows users drive a rice rocket and linux users dont even need to drive because their computers are so fast they can sit down on them and ride them around) and is the best $500 solitare game ever made. Uses stolen Mac code and
requires an update every day. Linux only needs to be updated when a cool new program comes out. Linux is impossible to crash (which is why it is used to run most servers.) Windows is Homo-approved. If you are currently running windows (which i am NOT) then either partition it and put lindows on one drive OR just delete windows completely - it is useless. Linux is now offically compatible with most programs. Format C: NOW!
"Aw shit my Windows comp froze!"
"Windows costs too much"
"I think its time i format windows"
"Windows is for noobs!"
"Linux is 133t when compared to windows!"
"Windows Sucks!"
by Manella April 08, 2003

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