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A fast and very stable operating system for the PC. Compatible with a wide range of hardware devices, and is very easy to use and learn. Updated once in a couple years unlike Linux, which is updated every three weeks because it's so full of bugs that it shouldn't even have been released to the public until 2017.
I still use Windows 98 to this day, and the only time it acted up was when I deleted some system files. It's not surprising that most of the people who badmouth Windows are actually running Windows on their computers.

Note: This definition was previously made by AYB, and was deleted by Linux zealots because they can't handle the truth.
by Dave June 22, 2004
very very popular os made by microsoft. i'm giving up on it the minute someone comes up with a fully functional windows emulator for linux that runs all my games and other fun windows stuff. damn thing crashes 2 much.
bill: dude is a hybrid version of wine coming out
pill: idk check the website
bill: dammit i wanna kno. if there is a hybrid wine im ditching windows cos the damn thing crashes 2 much
by unusu-al September 12, 2003
Win - doh! - s (name popularised by frequent system crashes)

An operating system pioneered by Homer Simpson of the popular cartoon sitcom "The Simpson".

Homer has now moved from Springfield and lives in a large earthquake proof mansion on a hill somewhere on the Coast of Northern California.
"Marge come here and look at this pretty blue screen on my Win... Doh!"
by -oo00Rich00oo- June 04, 2003
Dogs crawl under fences programs crawl under windows.
Hold on im still rendering that naked woman on my windows box.
by duh June 03, 2003
arnaudt's best friend (together with Matrix)
Wow, I got Windows longhowwwwn beta 10093762.92736.4718962 M5 build!!!!! I'll go watch the Matwwwwwix again!!!
by Dubya May 31, 2003
Ok, to all the noobs who say Windows is crap. Fuck you. There are many reasons why windows isn't crap.

1) I've used Windows for 6 years and never once did I get this constant error crap and it DOES WORK!!!!!
2) If you think only Clippy is annoying, then fucking change it! Even a 5 year old can figure that out.
3) Why don't YOU try getting a copy of a good game for Macintosh!?
4) All those Windows simulators on the web are funny but FUCKING FALSE!!!! No, Bill Gates doesn't send you mail. You know how many crap he gets on Outlook every day? 4 million at least.
5) So some of the programs suck. INSTALL NEW ONES, GODDAMNIT!
6) Blue screen errors only happen if it is REALLY serious. Not when you just open the C: drive and then boom. Blue screen. That shit is a damn lie that only assholes believe.

And finally...

7) DOS sucks.

And that's my two cents on Windows.
N00b: Dude, I just got Windows and it sucks. I keep getting blue screens.
Guy: No you don't.
N00b: Uh...yes I do fuck you lololololol.
Guy: So suggest a better one.
N00b: Uh...um...DOS?
Guy: Die, bitch.

*Guy shoots noob with a rocket launcher repeatedly*
by Anti-Noob patrol March 30, 2006
A Bedroom game often played before a session of Dutch oven.
This definition has no relationship to Microsoft Windows(c)(t)(r), often described by persons who are new to computing as a computer operating system.
The male inserts all four fingers into his aroused partners vagina till completly covered in vaginal fluid. He then withdraws the hand and extends his fingers. If he does this without the transperant film of fluid breaking between all four fingers he has made 'windows'.
by Blue Cawdrey November 18, 2004