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Operating System that Most People who Post on websites like this insult, claiming it crashes every 10 secs, however I have used EVERY Windows O/S Since 3.1 (Ex. ME) and NONE have shown a BSoD more than once a Season. People also say it reboots often, I kept XP running for ages, until the damn Windows Update nagging you to reboot drives you insane. Never had to reboot Windows 2003 Server.

Btw, Linux is Good Too, But I have not found It to be More stable than Windows, perhaps becuase i look around and find out about what i am trying to do, before doing it and hoping it doesn't ruin my PC.
Person: Hmm... I wonder what happens if i delete shell32.dll?
... Damn its Locked
*Uses Unlocker to Unlock It*
*BSoD Appears*
Person: Windows Crashes All The Time, For No Reason!
by Esai May 22, 2006
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