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1) Although some would say it is the best OS that MS has made, some would argue that Win 2k is better. I say it is preference. I use WinXP on my computer and it runs near flawlessly. Compatibility (along with other problems) is only a problem encountered by those who can't figure out how to use a search engine to find a solution, so they come here to rant about it. Simple to use, if you follow directions and maybe read the manual, it hardly crashes and always tries to save your system by crashing the violating program. Although the "report error" window is useless, it is better than having to reboot. When you use the system manager (aka ctrl-alt-delete) you can use the "processes" tab to instantly shut down a program without any wait or consequence (in my experience). System important processes are clearly marked "system" so that you cannot accidentally crash windows (unless you are an idiot). 2) An OS made by a company that people like to belittle because they suck at using a user-friendly OS. 3) Not as advanced as Linux, which means it's easier to use, yet not as flexible.
1) Windows XP is a fine OS, thanks for a decent on with this time, Microsoft!
2)d00d, XP sux! ROFL BOFL!
3)guy1: "Hmm, which OS should i use?"
guy2: "Do you know how to use Linux?"
guy1: "No..."
guy2: "Use Windows XP"
by PacketOverflow October 02, 2004
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