This operating system resembles a piece of horse crap more than an actual operating system. It lasts about as long as a bridge made of matchsticks and held together by Elmers Glue before it crashes. Sure it's nice to look at, but so is a Mercedes-Benz with Yugo parts running it. I'm sorry I can't give a detailed review of Windows ME - my copy crashed after just three days.
Operating systems I've had:

2007 - Present
Windows Vista
Lifespan: 2 1/2 years, no crashes, minor problems from time to time

2005 - 2007
Windows XP
Lifespan: 2 years, no crashes, computer still in operating condition as of 2010
Fate of computer: Partially Retired

2004 - 2005
Windows XP
Lifespan: 1 year, 10 months, no crashes
Fate of computer: Retired

2002 - 2004
Windows ?? (not ME)
Lifespan: 1 year+, no crashes
Fate of computer: Retired

December 25, 2002 - December 28, 2002
Windows ME
Lifespan: 3 days
Fate of computer: Crashed, inoperable after crash of 12/28/2002

Thank you Windows ME for giving me a perspective on what a crappy, poorly working operating system feels like
by hoyclan June 07, 2010
Top Definition
See shit.
The cat took a Windows ME on the floor.
by Spork August 29, 2003
The "Mellinium" edition of windows, which was apparently found in Bill Gates' toilet some unknown morning. It is subject to incessant crashing and freezing, and my scanner doesn't work with it, the stupid thing.
If someone IMs me, Windows ME crashes. If I open a webpage, Windows ME crashes. If the phone rings, Windows ME crashes. If a butterfly lands on a flower in the rainforest, Windows ME crashes.
by Teh Kitteh December 27, 2003
The broken condom of Windows™ versions. It was a mistake.
Liz: I have Windows ME
Paul: Oh, I'm sorry... I hate you now.
by Paul June 22, 2004
When added to AOL it means you have the worst possible life.
Wow, I feel sorry for that poor bastard with ME and AOL
by mol3mole April 06, 2004
Windows ME

aka "Megaflop Edition"

We have banned ME from the building. We bought one copy, and installed it. We left the machine running overnight, and were greeted with a BSD next morning. Sitting there doing nothing ME will explode on its own.

Given that Microsoft collected money for this P.O.S. and made no apology for its brain deadness, it could also aptly be named....

"Malfeasance Edition"
see also malfeasance
by Anthony Watts June 02, 2004
It crashes.
A lot.
Especially when SHITLOADED with FREE programs provided by Dell!
*error beep*
Wtf, where's the error dialogue box?
*blue screen*
Hmmm...I can't press anything.
*blue screen*
Hmmm...I can't press ctrl+alt+del either.
*blue screen*
Hmmm...The restart button doesn't do anything...
*harddrive dies*
by Krill December 30, 2003
1: Either a cruel... cruel joke or one more reason why Bill Gates should be decapitated and dismembered with a pointed rock made entirely out of AIDS.

2: The one true cause for all of the pain and suffering in the world and possibly the universe.
1: OMG, Bill was serious with the ME!! GET THE AIDS ROCK!!

2: ME's code is Satan's supreme overlord.
by Kevin T. May 30, 2005
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