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3 definitions by Krill

It crashes.
A lot.
Especially when SHITLOADED with FREE programs provided by Dell!
*error beep*
Wtf, where's the error dialogue box?
*blue screen*
Hmmm...I can't press anything.
*blue screen*
Hmmm...I can't press ctrl+alt+del either.
*blue screen*
Hmmm...The restart button doesn't do anything...
*harddrive dies*
by Krill December 30, 2003
n 1. A person who's company is unwanted.
n 2. A mythical creature that preferably dwells in one's vagina.
1. Get away from me you Vagina Troll.
2. Man, that guy's an assbastard. He must have a Vagina Troll up his rectum.
by Krill January 20, 2003
a title for a person with very big reproductoin organ.
"Oh Krill, you're so big!"
by Krill January 02, 2004