An absolute joke that is 7 times WORSE then Vista, hence the name Windows 7. It actually REMOVES features, it doesn't add them. Literally half of the features from Vista, including Windows Mail and Windows Movie Maker (and oh so many more) are not only not included, there not even obtainable. Microsoft replaced a few, but not all, of these programs with this new downloadable software suite called Windows Live Essentials, but its a bigger joke then Windows 7! The apps are not only inferior to Windows Vista's included apps, there inferior to XP's! I guess if you want to go searching for 3 days for a halfway decent, free video editor, you can do that, but why bother when you can just stick with Windows XP/Vista or get a Mac and not bother with bull like this. Trust me, 7 is NOT an improvement, it REMOVES features. I haven't even noticed a speed up, its exactly the same speed as Vista (which is fine, its not slow, nor was Vista). THIS OS SUCKS. I'm guessing its succeeding because unlike Vista, its technical requirements have been lowered dramatically, allowing it to be installed on some machines over 10 years old. This is the reason for its success, it works on systems so obsolete, they probably don't even have a DVD drive to install it! Rather then buying one, why not just buy a new computer? I highly recommend a Mac over a PC, but if you cant afford one, get a cheap PC and put XP or Vista on it. Trust me, VISTA IS A GOOD OS and even XP has alot of things Windows 7 doesn't!
Windows 7 User: Wow I love this new Windows 7, now I dont have to worry about getting E-Mails anymore! And look its got this awesome Windows DVD Maker software, but nothing to actually make the video files in! Oh my gosh its so much more advanced then Windows Vista. And its so much faster too, probably because half of the features are missing! Yet it still takes up triple the space of a Mac OS X install, and about 10 times the space of a Windows XP install, even though both of these OS's have more features!
by iBoy2G January 21, 2011
Top Definition
The new-uber awesome operating system that's supposed to be perfect, make up for all the mistakes Vista made, destroy Linux on netbooks, take back market share from Apple, and convert everyone from XP. Used frequently by die-hard XP users as an excuse not to use Vista.
I'm not going to upgrade Vista-I'm just going to wait for windows 7. Meanwhile I'll just use XP.
by WindyJet March 28, 2009
It's the best OS that Microsoft ever made!
-Hey, look at my new Mac with Snow Leopard!
-Throw it away! Get Windows 7!
by ale12396 January 26, 2009
The official code-name for Microsoft's next new operating system, devised just days after Windows Vista was released. Windows 7 will be released 1 day after Windows Vista is made perfect, after that Windows 8 will be released.
What the fuck do you mean I need to buy Windows 7??? I just bought that piece of shit Windows Vista yesterday! Damn, I sooo wish I had Linux right about now!
by Doug52392 October 21, 2007
The next operating system currently in development (but can publicly be tested until June 1 2010) by Microsoft. It features a brand new task bar that often is said to be a rip of KDE. It features better driver compatibility, and pretty much is Vista all fixed up with an enhanced GUI. Many already respect that this is a great operating system, actually running on less system requirements than Vista.
Windows 7 is pretty much a great version of Vista.
by Da Milkman June 02, 2009
The Windows edition after Windows Vista. It is much better than Vista, especially because of the massive surge of Windows 7 Beta downloads that surpassed the sales of Windows Vista 7 weeks after Vista's release. Many anti-Microsoft users are hesitant because of Vista's flaws, and some even criticize 7 without even trying the Release Candidate version.

Windows 7 uses less system resources than Vista, and it has an improved GUI. It also has many new features, like ribbons added onto Paint and Notepad, and a calculator that is actually usable at a level of math above Pre-Algebra. Networking will also be easier with the addition of libraries, which are folders that can house multiple files all over your computer in one area.
1: Microsoft sucks! Look at all their products that stink! Vista, Bing, the Zune, and Windows 7 are all terrible!
2: Have you even tried any of those products?
1: ...Err. No...
by Kyothine August 17, 2009
What Windows Vista Should Of Been!
Windows Vista... Sucks.
Windows 7... Decent.
by marcoislovable November 02, 2009
What windows should have been ages ago.
Windows 7 is teh 0wnage!
by Power User 9000 May 29, 2010
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