A house hold streak-less glass cleaner. Usually comes in the blue death flavor, But green, and purple have been seen on the shelves at the store.
"This windex tastes like heart burn."
"I drink Windex, It keeps me from streaking."
by Tom February 17, 2005
1, An index of winning.
2. Blue Kool-Aid.

Origin: Bowling Green, KY
Lemme get a pull off that Windex, ya dig?
by BaldyMcBalderson September 07, 2010
An ammonia and water based cleaning solution that sure is fun to smell!
Mom: The windows look marvelous, Suzy!
Suzy: EHehEheEehEHhehe!11 PWNED BIHC1
by Alphatard March 06, 2004
A nickname for a man lacking sexual stamina.
Two pumps and a squirt.
I slept with this kid Jeremy last night, but you could call him Windex.
by msxcinderella August 05, 2009
A nice way of calling someone a douche bag. Both are cleaners... and yet Windex is so much more polite.
Oh my gosh, he is such a freaking Windex!
by Anice Girl April 06, 2009
a bum that cleans your windshield before entering the freeway
Sally-yo bob my nigga how much you give that windex.

Bob-a fucking penny, he used his urine to clean my window.
by cabbages September 04, 2007
ejaculating on a woman's ass and then rubbing your cum in so it's nice and shiny so you can see your face.

I took Jenna home and windexed that ass.
by Clove69 March 06, 2007

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