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When I get fucked by 6 or more guys at once.
OMG I got gangbanged last night!
by Windex December 11, 2004
1. Extremely stupid/foolish.
2. Of or relating to the ass.
Stop bending over, it's assinine!
by Windex December 11, 2004
Someone who fucks a cow
Johnny is a lackafeeliac since he got down with bessy last night.
by Windex May 02, 2004
1. A cleaning liquid that you spray on glass and people.
2. A perverted internet user
1. Windex! Beyond the blue bottle!
2. Windex is disgusting. He keeps trying to cyberfuck me.
by Windex December 11, 2004
A movie so bad it makes you fall asleep.
That shitty movie was soporific.
by Windex December 11, 2004

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