The worst town in the world, it has no mall, kids hang at Wal-Mart for fun, and every acts and dress the same (like ass). And most of the females here are hoes, ugly ones at that, Wilson will steal your dream, so don't start a family here unless you want your family to be bums.
Guy: Aye lets go to Wilson. FRIEND: Where? GUY: Exactly!!!
by Fashion Zues January 12, 2014
The name applied to anything of great personal value that is just out of your grasp, whose collection or loss will ultimately lead to an emotional episode; often spoken passionately like Tom Hanks calling for Wilson in the Ocean.
Time: "It's almost 5pm. Almost there, weekend!! WILSON!!!"

Possession: "I bumped into the counter and a bottle of wine fell off towards the floor, so I dove to try and catch it....but Wilson was just out of reach, and shattered onto the floor. Sad day."
by Noah Webster VII March 01, 2013
Noun; a wilson
verb; to wilson

A story told in which the events that supposedly transpire are too outrageous, coincidental, and obviously fictional to be true. Additionally, the storyteller may reference an unreachable friend or undisclosed search engine as a witness or justification in order to establish credibility where there is none.

A.K.A When your buddy tries to one-up your story with some bullishit story.

Notes: commonly ends with google or friend reference

can be used as a noun and verb

e.g. "Check it on google." or "Ask my friend you don't know from back home."
Guy 1: Yeah so me and my friends went skydiving this weekend.

Guy 2: Oh that's cool! Me and my buddy went yesterday with Pamela Anderson. My dad knows her through the music business.

Guy 1: Dude, shut up. I call Wilson on that!

Guy 2: I swear to god! Look it up!
by Alistair Wrigglesworth Ph. D December 07, 2011
Wilson - The act of female retaliation in return of any offensive sexual act performed by a male.

As in the film Cast Away featuring one tall Forrest Gump. Wilson is created when "Tom" cuts his hand and throws the Wilson volleyball.

Thus leaving a bloody hand print.

The same is performed by the female but instead using her menstrual cycle. Leaving the offender with a nice bloody hand print on their face and looking like Wilson.
"My bf spiderman'd me so i gave him the Wilson"

My Bf tried it on with me while i was on so gave him the Wilson
by OfficeFucktard May 08, 2013
The worst town in all of the world, we have a bowling alley, parking lots and a movie theater. Its where the kids smoke weed and do dip. The adults all leave whenever they get a chance. People cannot even properly pronounce the name of their town, Wiltson is how it is pronounced around here. Guy Harvey shirts are far to prominent, most of the poplulation doesnt know what the word prominent means. If your clothes dont have a fish, a deer, a gun, or a rebel flag on them you are an outcast. Thats good old Wilson for you!
Welcome to Wilson we have absolutely nothing!
Oh no you had to go to Wilson I'm so very sorry
by Wiltson NC is home April 29, 2011
To fail at every task.
Even though you try your hardest you never succeed.
To constantly do stupid things.
Did you see him try to pull that girl and just pissed himself. What a fucking Wilson.

That guy can't even put his jeans on the right way round the Wilson.

That guy just Wilsoned the penalty.
by Pennywise-FLOAT February 10, 2014
The name of a guy who loves Samantha. Even though she doesnt like him as much as he likes her.
Wilson: I miss her so much...
Friend: Its ok dude she might change her mind.

Wilson: I really dont think she will :(
by Ellis Wilson April 14, 2011

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