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black man who had sex with Brielle Alfieri
will smith is the man with big ears.
by I Make It Rain December 13, 2007
The sexual practice of sticking out one's tongue and bobbing their head- thus stimulating the anus.
"That girl is so hot, I wanna give her the Will Smith!!!!"
by Charlie Davis August 07, 2007
An actor/"Rapper" who played Will in the "Fresh Prinche of Bel Air."
Will Smith's CDs make good cup holders.
by GuerrillaFuunkstaahh July 12, 2004
Will Smith is a sub-par actor and bubblegum pop rap singer. While he was raised in an upscale community and is well-spoken in real life, all of his movie lines are on the level "Yo, that is wack!" and "Ahhhh f'real!" He has gained popularity mostly by white suburbanites in the same manner as Amos and Andy. His sachharine soft-core non-offensive rap lyrics make his songs hits on corporate radio stations and in college adjacent dance clubs, but are never to be mistaken as having any artistic value.

Will Smith is a prime example of how to whore and dilute Black culture in order to earn a few dollars from white teenagers.
Skylar: "Yo whaddup my homey! I just got out of lacrosse practice and picked up the new Will Smith CD!"

Jordan: "That's like totally 'The Bomb'. Now we can get jiggy wit it like the Blacks we see on TV!"
by Monster of Maple Street December 14, 2006
Major Player
also know as a "man Whore"
Very Indecisive
heart breaker
one who dumps one girl one day just go out with another the next.

"Are you still going out with Emily?"
"Nahh, i dumped her yesterday to go out with Anna"
"Woah man, your totally will smithing it"
by if only you knew. November 18, 2006
'man whore'
also see player.
"so are you and emily still going out?"
"nahh, im going out with anna now"
"WOW! man youre totally will smithing it"
by dead. November 18, 2006