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This mild syndrome refers to the actions hard-core gamers do when the lose a video game. The phrase "will syndrome" was pawned after a "hardcore" gamer started throwing his controller at friends' faces and/or body when they defeated him in a video game. Today, when any person will flip out on a friend or family member for a stupid or unnecessary reason, they are said to have Will Syndrome (WS). Just before and usually after a person has an outbreak of WS, unnecessary comments involving the words "Jew" "Fuck" "Fag" and "Nigger" will occur. Most of these comments being said from a lack of brain power (caused by a combination of weed and too much video games) to think of any sort of remotely intelligent insult. Today Will Syndrome is a commonly overlooked problem, but can be very serious and may cause serious physical and emotional damage.
"Dude! Why did you hit me in the face with that controller? Its only a f**king game! You need to get your Will Syndrome checked out by a doctor"
by Flabbergasted Gamer October 16, 2007
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