1. One of the (hopefully) rare breed that will gather in packs and huddle together around kerosene heaters in the parking lots of retail stores all night for the chance to buy a Wii the following morning.

2. An idiot who won't stop making puns on the word Wii.

3. A Phillistine who can't understand how Nintendo could possibly name their system "Wii."
(1) "Well, guys, the snow's comin' down and we have five hours before Shopko opens. Anyone gonna wimp out?"
"No way, man! We're all hardcore wiitards here!"
"Or just retards. Brr!"

(2)"Hold my place in line, willya? I have to go w-"
"Yes, I get it. You have to go 'wee.' Very clever, wiitard."
"Does that make you one?"

(3)"It's worldwide marketing, dude! It means 'good' in Japanese, 'yes' in French, 'all of us' in English..."
"Oh, shut up. Don't you know that America is the center of the universe? If it sounds a little silly to our ears, then that automatically makes it a stupid name."
"You're such a wiitard."
by Scrawny Yeti November 19, 2006
Top Definition
(n) Someone who causes damage or injury to them self, other people, or objects by incorrectly operating the controller of a Nintendo Wii. This included forgetting or underestimating one's surroundings while using wide gestures, over exertion, or the inability to keep a firm grasp on the remote and launching it at high speeds.
Billy is such a Wiitard, he pulled a muscle while pitching wildly in WiiSports.

Mandy forgot her family was in the room, acted like a Wiitard and hit her brother in the face.

That Wiitard Tommy let go of his Wii remote while flailing wildly and put it through his TV.
by DVman December 11, 2006
1) person that goes absolutely bonkers over playing the Wii and can play 25 hours a day if you let them
2) one who constantly insists on being Player 1 (as opposed to 2, 3, or 4)

Eyes are generally bugging out like they drank a gallon of spoiled green colored Hershey's chocolate syrup when they are playing
While playing Wii Sports, Jacquie whined and cried until Melanie let her be Player 1, so Melanie told her to stop being such a Wii-tard!
by Uncle Sal April 04, 2008
A person who, despite their many years on the planet, has not mastered the skills needed to maintain a firm grip on something as simple as a remote control, more specifically a wiimote. These greasy-palmed indivuals are mocked for their overzealousness and their utter lack of competence. Thier actions commonly result in property damage and/or injury to the wiitard and others.
"There's more reports of people throwing their controller through their TV."
"Can't these wiitards learn how to hold on to a damn controller?"
by Dingo` December 11, 2006
An insulting name for a Nintendo fanboy. Derived from combining "Wii" and "retard."
Normal person: Don't these wiitards ever shut up?
by Space Whale! April 28, 2006
One who is inept at using the Wii Console
John is such a Wiitard, he thinks the sensor inside the TV
by Sebastiancee June 20, 2007
Someone who is so clueless they can't even use the simple remote control for the Nintendo Wii. 2. Someone who is dumb enough to break their TV by throwing a Wiimote or otherwise injuring themselves with said Wii
"Aparently theres a rash of cases of people throwing their Wiimotes into their TV screens. Now they're trying to sue nintendo"
"What a bunch of Wiitards
by Naugthyotsel January 23, 2007
One who is not well versed in the universal art of playing Nitendo Wii
Kim: Wow, John really sucks at Guitar Hero
Joe: Yeah, he's a real Wii Tard
by Clifton Twist March 29, 2008
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