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Whore + Shorts = Whorts. Usually these shorts enter this world as regular shorty shorts. But once a whore gets her hands (and scissors) on them they are transformed into Whorts. Whorts are not to be confused with "Daisy "Pukes".
Collin: Nice. Bekki is wearing her "Whorts" today.
Monica: Whorts??
Collin: Shorts so short they look like a collar!
by classikjane November 14, 2011
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Shorts so short the ends of the legs (the pant cuffs) rest on the inner lips of the vagina, or in the case of the gay male they cup the balls. Whores wear them, hence the term 'whore shorts' or 'whorts.'
My whore grandmother went out and bought her some whorts then solicited 'johns' on the street corner for two hours.
by Slippery Pete May 11, 2003
A plant that looks like a dirty object
That cactus is a whort
by kinsella November 02, 2007
A type of shorts usually worn by women, in which the cuffs of the shorts are so short, that the pockets stick out of them.
I walked by three girls and you could easily tell that they were sluts, because they were all wear whorts.
by imnotcoby August 16, 2011

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