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An adjective used to describe somethign done in a manner so powerful it is as though a man who stands 7 feet tall has done the task.
Kim: Aww dis, I tried to pick up that box but it is too heavy.

Brigette (who stands 5'3") picks up the aforementioned box: This thing? Easy as pie!

Kim: Wow! You are Pau'erful!
by classikjane January 07, 2010
Yes, bad candy does actually exist. No, it does not refer to weak cocaine or fake acid. Bad Candy is old ass dollar store candy that's been sitting on the shelves so long that Antiques Road Show wants a peice of that fossilized glucose. Usually a very cheap co-worker will bring Bad Candy to work in an attempt to make friends. Epic failure occurs although the Bad Candy does somehow disappear (probably to the yet to be defined "candy whore").
Kim: I need some chocolate or something.

Elizabeth: Purchasing has some candy, try some?

Kim: NO! It's Bad Candy! To open up the wrapper is to unleash the horror!
by classikjane September 28, 2010
TC Stachington is the bravest soldier 'stache to ever have existed. He carries around a 200 lb man backpack while finding the enemy and eliminating them. TC leaves no one behind. TC will punch you in the face, then down a Shiner Bock with you and explain why you deserved it. TC loves kittens and pussy and they love him back. To steal a phrase from Action Figure therapy, TC is like a "mustache with tithes.". Fuckin' Bad Ass.
(Bullets and grenades flying everywhere)
The Enemy: "Where is that American Soldier TC Stachington? Find him!"
TC: "I'm right behind you."

TC: "Man this is too easy."
by classikjane March 09, 2015
That metal tool thing you use to crunch into crab legs and extract the delicious crab meat
Collin: "Baybay! I can't get to the crab meat!".
Brijoux: "Use the crab cruncher!"
Collin: "The what?!"
Brijoux: "Look it up on UrbanDictionary."
by classikjane March 09, 2015
A popular game in the 80's, Connect Four has a way of invoking emotions equivilant to teenage angst in people currently in their 30's. The Connect Four Roar is a word used to describe the trimphant bellow issued by an individual after scoring the coveted Connect Four WIN.
Elizabeth (after scoring a Connect Four Win): RAAAARRRRWWLLLLOOWHOAWHOA in the FACE Rob! In the FACE!

Andrea: Damn Girl! You made me drop my drink with that skurry Connect Four Roar!
by classikjane January 11, 2010
When you are too lazy to google something yourself. So you text a friend and ask them the question you could have easily googled yourself.
Kelli (texting): "What kind of material was Han Solo frozen in?"

Brigette (replying): "Carbonite, my Google lazy little sister."
by classikjane August 30, 2012
Whore + Shorts = Whorts. Usually these shorts enter this world as regular shorty shorts. But once a whore gets her hands (and scissors) on them they are transformed into Whorts. Whorts are not to be confused with "Daisy "Pukes".
Collin: Nice. Bekki is wearing her "Whorts" today.
Monica: Whorts??
Collin: Shorts so short they look like a collar!
by classikjane November 14, 2011

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