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3 definitions by classikjane

An adjective used to describe somethign done in a manner so powerful it is as though a man who stands 7 feet tall has done the task.
Kim: Aww dis, I tried to pick up that box but it is too heavy.

Brigette (who stands 5'3") picks up the aforementioned box: This thing? Easy as pie!

Kim: Wow! You are Pau'erful!
by classikjane January 07, 2010
A popular game in the 80's, Connect Four has a way of invoking emotions equivilant to teenage angst in people currently in their 30's. The Connect Four Roar is a word used to describe the trimphant bellow issued by an individual after scoring the coveted Connect Four WIN.
Elizabeth (after scoring a Connect Four Win): RAAAARRRRWWLLLLOOWHOAWHOA in the FACE Rob! In the FACE!

Andrea: Damn Girl! You made me drop my drink with that skurry Connect Four Roar!
by classikjane January 11, 2010
A deceptive phrase used as a subject title for an email containing a picture of a man who is distasteful and unattractive. The evil genius behind the misleading email will typically also name the attached picture something like “SEXXXY” or “HOTTT”. This further perpetuates the idea that you are in for a delicious visual midday treat, when in fact the image is quite the opposite. Crestfallen and devastated, the recipient of the “Your Boyfriend” email spends the rest of the day with the offensive image lingering around like a stale fart.
Leigh: Hey girl...I totally sent Monica a Your Boyfriend email!
Brigette: Niice. What pic did you send?
Leigh: That fat dude I saw in Wal-Mart with the mullet and acid wash cut-offs. I saved the pic from my cell as "SEXXXY", haha!
Brigette: Awesome, that is SOOO sexy! (sarcastic tone)
by classikjane January 14, 2010