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The large network linking computers across the globe, also referred to as the internet and the webernet. Usually used by people who speak in 1337.
I am teh 1337 H4xo|2 on t3h Interwebz!!!11!!one!!
(I am awesome on the Internet)
#internet #webbernet #interweb #interwebz #interwebs #interwebzorz
by Dustin Gunnarson December 14, 2007
slang for the internet
Are you going on the interwebz?
#internet #internetz #world wide web #pie #lan
by Anita Vachinas July 05, 2009
INTERWEBZ is another word for internet and internet browser if i may say : >
I haff stolen ur interwebz
U may also say interwebzzorzzz : >
#interwebz #internet #internet browser #lolz #zorz #etz
by teh 1337 hax0r February 01, 2010
A terminology used to describe the internet as a place. Mostly used by people who watch porn, with computer parts.
Rj-I will go over to your interwebz and beat the living shit out of it and eat your fucking donuts and then you will have to come to my interwebz because yours is broken. I will have to tell you to GTFO of my interwebz, you fucking faggot.
#awesome #internet #4chan #4chan party van #niggerfaggot
by Arhay January 31, 2008
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