A term used for amphetamines during the seventies... This term was mainly used by truckers, who used "whites" to stay awake for long trips....
And if you give me...
Weed, whites and wine.
And you show me a sign.
I'll be willin', to be movin'
From the song Willin' by Lowell George/Little Feat, 1970
by malecat February 04, 2008
People with lighter skin than black and orange people. We're not worse than any other race, we're just as bad. It's 2004 and we still categorize by skin colour. Sad
"if I sit in the sun I might change colour"
by foyf February 24, 2004
an adjective,
to foresee and act in advance of
to be ahead of in doing or accomplishing
characteristic of or benefiting a friend
That's white of you.
Well, hey that's pretty white of ya!
by Vicky Bryson October 04, 2006
"White" as referring to the stereotypical characteristics of individuals belonging to the Caucasian ethnic group or white race.

The term "White" is predominately used by ethnic minority groups to negatively describe others who are perceived to have characteristics of the White dominate group.

"White" can be used as a synonym for uncool.
If a person can not dance, sing, is uncoordinated, overly concerned with academics etc.

You are so white.
by snakeeyes2007 April 11, 2009
the descriptions of styles regarding: clothing, music, activities, language and other things that had origins in the caucasian community.
Alternative music is such a White thing.
by dizz13r November 04, 2011
1. The color
2. Slang for what race one is
3. A slang for cocaine

antonym of black
I'll have 'White' and weed.
by bobaby August 12, 2010
A racial slur against white people used to force all Europeans into one class based on their skin color b
Those white people are all the same b
by Contagion April 18, 2016
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