To put in simply, a vagina
Hey girl, I really love your beautiful whispering eye
by Logan 81 November 09, 2008
your vagina
your vagina is called a whispering eye
by kayla120 November 09, 2008
I've missed your whispering eye.
by One elle November 09, 2008
A Medieval term for vagina. Used by LAIRE players.
"Tell her you miss her whispering eye."

"It means vagina! It means vagina!"
by Insomniac0725 November 09, 2008
Slang for "vagina".
That girl's whispering eye stunk like a salmon that laid out all day in the sun on a hot July ay.
by Hobart Homies November 09, 2008
"A woman's vagina." - from the 2008 movie Role Models
I looked longingly into her whispering eye.
by HoffVir November 08, 2008
Vagina. From the Universal Studio's movie, "Roll Models."
(leaving voice mail message) "I miss you! I miss you're voice, your hair, your personality, your whispering eye. Everything. Call me back!"
by chrcnf1991 November 08, 2008

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