Female genitalia.
Source: Role Models (2008 movie)
Did you eat her whispering eye?
by O'Ryan November 08, 2008
"I miss you and your whispering eye."
by BiikaGroden November 08, 2008
"I really miss your whispering eye"
by rolemodel November 08, 2008
a females vagina.
I want to see your whispering eye.
by liney17 November 08, 2008
A vagina
I want to see you and your whispering eye
by Star Child 10 November 08, 2008
A passageway leading into the female reproductive system; vagina
I've had my eye on her whispering eye for a while.
by Candy Land Man November 07, 2008
the female reproductive organ that can take large cock's unless your asian
when i saw her whispering eye my penis got hard
by timmy is not my name March 09, 2010

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