"Man that hookup was the worst, her whispering eye was horrendous!!
by Unterberger November 21, 2008
It means VAGINA
from the movie role models
Dude Aj i got some wet and juicy whispering eye 2night and man i love turtle jiz
by Kasper & AJ November 13, 2008
vagina (also see snatch)
Since you broke up with me I have missed you and your whispering eye
by sweaty ball sack November 09, 2008
I miss your whispering eye.
by Liveaction December 08, 2008
A reference to one butthole, when trying to not actually say the word butthole.
You don't know what a rim job is! Well I'm not going to tell you, but let's just say it has to do with the Whispering Eye.
by luke123454321 December 04, 2008
"Say you miss her whispering eye, say you miss her whispering eye!" From the movie-Role Models
by Sir Knows it October 15, 2008

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