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used when a situation is awkward and deserves no response because the comment was to dumb to answer with a real answer.

Not associated with "wit"
Wife:Hey honey we should have 12 kids...
Dude: whet?

Dude: I think your mom is hot man!

Dude 2: whet?
by James Longboard February 16, 2010
The question on the mind of all betches; the word often follows a line of saying "wait" over and over again to slow down the speaker.
Person A: What do you think about this author?
Betch: Whet?

Person A: I love beautiful sunsets?
Betch: Whet?

Person A: I can't believe he killed himself! Think, he's gone, dead....forever!
Betch: Whet?

(Room full of people talking, the betch is spacing out and decides to interject)
Betch: Wait, wait, wait, wait........Whet?
by Kevin Schoonmaker February 12, 2008
Cool, fresh ,clean .
When you get out the shower you are wet. With wetness usually comes freshness. Fresh also means cool. Therefore Whet=cool.
Mike:"Aw, dude, I'm so Whet rite now."
by white chocolate THUNDA January 12, 2009
The word "whet" was invented by Blair Stephenson and Afina Henry of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. It serves as a replacement for the words, "cool", "hot", "awesome", etc.
That new shirt is so whet!
by universe April 15, 2005
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