When you lick your finger and stick it up a girl's vagina. Then you trip her, and dump a trash can on her face.
Richard: Hey, watch me Wet Wanda Sandra over there!
Jake: Lolk
by sadclowndisease January 04, 2011
Top Definition
A distant cousin of the 'Wet Willy.' When a man is fondeling a women with his right index finger and then suprises the female subject by putting that same finger in the female's left ear.
I gave Gina a Wet Wanda last night. She then slapped me in the face and left my apartment.
by Hotrox December 18, 2006
When someone takes their finger out of a girl's vagina and then inserts it into her ear. Like a Wet Willy, but with vaginal mucus instead of saliva.
That girl from the party wouldn't sleep with me after I gave her a wet wanda, but it was totally worth it.
by Nirkit! September 04, 2008
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